US Air Force Big Jet Printed Puzzles

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US Air Force Big Jet Printed Puzzles
Comes with the Original Box!

  • Description

    Made with passion and desire to the aviation. We only sell the highest quality products. Don't pay over $150+ for expensive brands. Our aim is to deliver you the best quality products with low prices.
  • Details
    Material: Wood
    Note: Can be framed after finishing. 
    BOX: Comes with Original photo for referencing. 
    300 Pieces size:  26x38cm (10x15inch)
    500 Pieces size: 52x38cm (21x15inch)
    1000 Pieces size: 75x50cm (30x20inch)
    1500 Pieces size: 87x57cm (34x23inch)

    Example Boxing (Image will be replaced with the original image for referencing)

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